Tim van de Vall

Rick’s Attic Office

This is the first time experimenting with a single panel comic strip. So far I so good! It’s nice to be able to add a bunch of detail to single picture, rather than producing 3-4 less detailed drawings.

Ergo Science Lab Maze

I’m pretty proud of this piece. Isometric mazes are pretty time-consuming to draw, but I’m glad I completed it. George’s lab is one of my favorite places to illustrate. It’s one of those locations where your imagination can just play. What does all this random technology do, I wonder? Some of the machines I’ve labeled, and have already appeared in comic strips. Others I’ve written about in the scripts for upcoming comic strips.

George Ergo Template

3/21/19: I’m gonna draw some costume designs for George. Here’s the basis template. I’m thinking astronaut George, maybe Jungle Safari George. That sort of thing. Maybe I’ll add some accessories too. Lately I’ve been exploring the concept art side of these characters more than actually drawing comics.


And here we have it: Astronaut George, Survival George, and Cowboy George.

character sheet

Actually Astronaut George looks more like he’s scuba diving. Oh well.

The Sleigh

I’m trying to cut down on daily screen time so I’ve started drawing comics entirely by hand. Not sure if it’ll stay that way. We’ll see!

The Hunter-Gatherer Robot

This is the first comic where I’ve included shading. Makes the panels pop a bit more, right?

Whenever I spend extended periods of time in nature, I feel refreshed and renewed. A calm intuition opens up inside me, the concept of time dissolves, and I find joy in the sights, smells and sounds of the forest.

So why don’t I go outside more often?

Alas, too much time is spent each day behind a screen. Drawing, writing, posting, reading, watching. There’s so much to do on that 14″ window into the virtual world, that I often leave the real world on the back burner. Simply, in order to effectively make my living, I’ve got to do a great many tasks behind a screen. How does one build a fanbase or a brand nowadays without social media or SEO?

You can hardly go into the forest searching for new fans. Hi, Mr. Squirrel. Can I tell you about my comic strip, Ergo?