The Wolf

I like the absentminded look on McFluff’s face in the first panel.

McFluff is based on my own dog, Van. I got him at the Atlanta Humane Society in 2011. They told me he was a Labrador Beagle puppy and that he would grow. He didn’t. He remained 22 pounds. My best guess is that’s he’s a Labardor-Whippet mix. Today, he’s probably about 8 years old. He’s a got a bit of a old-age white on his chin nowadays, but he’s still as fast as greased lightning, and has retained all the playful energy of a pup.

He’s also thoroughly domesticated. He tucks tail and runs whenever he hears a loud noise outside. The only thing he’s ever successfully hunted in his life is literally a housefly. But it’s not a judgement. I imagine that we humans, too, are being continuously domesticated. If my understanding is correct, domestication succeeds by keeping an animal in a more or less juvenile state throughout its entire life. This certainly appears to be the case with my own generation, the Millennials.

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