Ergo: A New Online Comic Strip. Welcome to the Future.

The future is now. You’re in it. You see it every time you look on your iPhone. You witnessed it when Falcon Heavy’s twin boosters landed simultaneously in early February. And you’ll experience it again when driverless cars become mainstream. It’s happening fast, and it’s only getting faster. Most of the time it’s fascinating, sometimes it all feels overwhelming.

The near-future is the source material for my new online comic strip, Ergo. If you love reading about space exploration, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation, this is the comic strip for you. With a bit of humor and a dash of exaggeration, let’s take a look at where things are going. Let’s ask whether the road we’re headed is the road we really want to take, and how it’s going to affect us all in the end.

Ergo is going to be the vehicle for addressing these issues. Not an autonomous self-driving vehicle, but a human reflection on this rapidly modern world. What will happen when artificial intelligence stops being artificial and becomes sentient? How will the world change when the only thing preventing humans from dramatically altering genetics is the gray water of morality? Can we become biologically immortal, and if so, do we want to?

And of course, when all the robots take our jobs, what the heck are we humans going to do with our time?

Hopefully, you’ll all be reading Ergo. I imagine that cartooning will be among the last jobs to go extinct.

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