Sketches at Bear Lake Campground

This was drawn at Bear Lake Campground in Florida, a nice place to be. Friendly people, and long walking path around the lake. The weather quickly gets cold as you travel north, so the sunshine in the Sunshine State is a thing to appreciate.

Tessa drawing in nature
Tessa drawing in nature.

A few months ago I purchased an old church bus, a 2003 Ford E450. After stripping out the seats, installing a bed, a desk, and a drawing table, I hit the road with my dog. The intention was to drive all the way to California, but about 100 miles east of Dallas, Texas, the coronavirus really took off. I reluctantly turned back and headed back home to Georgia, where the weather is still quite pleasant on most days. But it doesn’t surpass the Florida weather.

Arrowbot carries firewood. McFluff assists.
Night of the howling robot

George Ergo Template

3/21/19: I’m gonna draw some costume designs for George. Here’s the basis template. I’m thinking astronaut George, maybe Jungle Safari George. That sort of thing. Maybe I’ll add some accessories too. Lately I’ve been exploring the concept art side of these characters more than actually drawing comics.


And here we have it: Astronaut George, Survival George, and Cowboy George.

character sheet

Actually Astronaut George looks more like he’s scuba diving. Oh well.