Tim’s TED.com Recommendations: Comics, Gene Editing, and Space Architecture.

Want to get inspired with new ideas? Listen to TED while you work. This morning, while drawing a duck, yes a duck, I listened to three TED talks. TED is one of my goto sources for inspiration when writing Ergo. Chock full of cutting edge enlightening info about the universe and human ingenuity. What greater creative fuel could there possibly be?

Anyway, I thought they were awesome. Maybe you’ll like em too. Here they are:

1. Comics Belong in the Classroom by Gene Luen Yang. 

I’d never heard of Gene until I saw his talk. The guy’s really impressive. In this TED talk Gene talks about how comics came into, left, and came back into the classroom. An informative talk for people interested in comics, education, illustration, and writing.

2. Adventures of an Interdisciplinary Architect by Xavier De Kestelier 

I’m fascinated by how life on Mars or the Moon would work. In this video, De Kestelier describes the practical real-life innovations that are taking place. How scientists are going to use moon dust, officially known as regolith, to 3D print a moon base. How cool is that? And of course, a perfect bit of info to include in later Ergo comic strips.

3. How Humans Could Evolve to Survive in Space by Lisa Nip 

I really appreciate Lisa’s passion whenever she describes her research. In this talk she talks about the potential to use GMOs to alter human genetics in order to better survive in space. Sounds incredible, exciting, and a bit spooky.

Watch those videos. Learn, feel enlightened, and stay happy!

And if you’re curious about my duck, you can see him here.