New Favorite Song: Still the Same by Bob Seger

While traveling across the USA, I picked up Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits. I already knew “Turn the Page”, having discovered it after listening to the cover by Metallica. On this cd, track number 6 is “Still the Same.” The song really moves me. In terms of storytelling, it does a brilliant job of painting visuals in your head.

Something tragic and raw about it, about the nature of life, even though it’s just about a gambler. I guess what gets me is it’s talking about the darker habits that we all stay stuck in, those patterns that make us human. I visualize that gambling character from X-men origins, Gambit, the casinos, that superficial charm that some people have and the narrator’s realization that its all a facade, that even though he considers the guy his friend he knows he’ll never break down that wall. So good.

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